So I just finished reading the book “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr. Batmanghelidj and it has opened my eyes to understanding dehydration and how it relates to many illnesses.  I started thinking and I’m like I should start a water drinking challenge.  Not just to challenge people to drink more water, but to have people drink their way to hydration and help eliminate issues like migraines, stiff joints, high blood sugar and so many more.

Understand that drinking water is highly important for your body’s daily functioning.  So many people substitute pure water with sodas, juices, coffees and teas not realizing they are compromising their body and helping it stay dehydrated.  This is a horrible mistake being made.  All of these beverages contain caffeine which is a diuretic.  It subtly depletes your body of much needed fluid leaving you with issues your doctor will treat with medication.

It’s time to level up your water intake!  Here’s the info…  30 Days to Hydration is set to start on February 1st.  Get all of your friends and family involved.


  • Gradually increase your water intake by following the challenge flow chart.  Click here for the chart.
  • Avoid teas, coffees, sodas, juices and artificial sweeteners.
  • Sip water throughout the day.  DO NOT gulp down at once.
  • Post on social media with the hashtag #HCDWaterChallenge

The water of choice is pure spring water. Buy a couple cases from your local Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s. Brands I prefer are Geyser and Fiji.  While these are not found in club stores, they are great quality waters.  A high pH level in water is not necessary.  Many waters are infused with human produced pH.

It’s highly beneficial during this challenge for you to keep track of your urine output.  You should be releasing the majority of the fluid you drink.  Please be advised, if you suffer from a heart related ailment, it’s important to keep track of your weight to make sure you are not retaining any fluids.

This is a group effort, so you can join me and other individuals like yourself in the Health Conscious Dons and Diva’s Society on Facebook!  There you can ask questions, share your progress and cheer each other on!!!

I am so excited to see everyone’s progress.  Let’s do this!

The Health Concious Diva

The Health Concious Diva

Natasha Pennant is the Health Conscious Diva.  After many years of battling heart disease she took her health into her own hands and focused on being an advocate for herself resulting in being taken off of the heart transplant list.  She is a certified integrative nutrition health and wellness coach, an advocate and spokesperson for New Jersey’s Go Red for Women, a health and wellness host for local television show Trenton Now, a published author.